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VJ Transport

Transport by road is primarily performed by our own transport department, VJ Transport, established in 1993 and with offices in the same building as Steel Shipping. Thereby we ensure that we work in close collaboration on all tasks – for example daily updates / coordination concerning solutions with specialised equipment.

VJ Transport offers transport of special freight with a weight up to 80 tons and a diameter of 10 metres.

VJ Transport has many years of experience in road transport of components for the manufacture of pylons to the wind turbine industry. No solutions are performed with standard equipment.

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World patent

In 2016, Steel Shipping took out a patent for transport of vertically positioned flanges in custom-built containers. Through several patents, this solution is applicable across the world.

Steel Shipping has a serious approach to all tasks and it is our mission to enable you and your customers to always stay one jump ahead.

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